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Every business faces new marketing challenges. In today's competitive marketplace, you must fight to avoid blending into a sea of look-alikes. Advertising is less effective as prospects increasingly control the buying process. Corporate buyers erect barriers against sellers. And developing an effective online presence involves learning curves for marketers struggling to adapt to a Web 2.0 world.

If you're in business and looking for more customers or clients, you need to ask yourself these questions:

Have I targeted my most likely customers and delivered a message that speaks to their unique needs?

Do I struggle to differentiate myself from competitors?

Have I developed an online presence that makes my web site a predictable source of leads and sales?

When a local paper, trade journal or industry blogger does a story on my area of expertise, do they call me?

I'm Steven Van Yoder, author of Get Slightly Famous. Over the past decade, I've developed a proven approach that has helped thousands of business owners, professionals, and corporate marketers break out of the anonymity trap and attract more business with less effort. If you want to build a successful business, where customers come to you, it requires a new way of thinking and a new marketing strategy.

Our free Get Slightly Famous Marketing Strategy Toolbox, which includes a subscription to our new online WebZine, will help you apply my proven Get Slightly Famous marketing strategy to attract more business with less effort in an increasingly crowed and changing marketplace.

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Who Is This For?

The Marketing Strategy Toolbox is applicable to a range of businesses, including:

Solo professionals. Whether you're a lawyer, consultant, or business coach, the Marketing Strategy Toolbox will help you define your target market, build your brand and gain ongoing visibility and credibility that ensures a steady stream of leads and sales

Professional services firms. Our Marketing Strategy Toolbox provides a blueprint for positioning your professional service firm as an industry thought leader, a strategy that can become the cornerstone of an effective in-house marketing program.

Corporate marketers. Our Marketing Strategy Toolbox helps corporate marketers embrace thought leadership marketing by positioning your company as an industry resource by providing information, insights and ideas to your target market. Thought leadership is a strategy that can serve as the touchstone of your Slightly Famous marketing strategy.

Unique, growing businesses. Our Marketing Strategy Toolbox provides secrets for breaking into new vertical industry and niche markets with consistent media coverage, speaking strategies, forming strategic alliances, and online thought leadership.

BtoB sellers. Corporate executives wield tremendous buying clout. Yet, over the past decade, selling to corporate clients has become more difficult. Slightly Famous marketing strategies help sellers earn reputations as 'trusted advisors' by demonstrating that you deeply know your business, shape your industry, and understand and anticipate the needs of your target market.

Nonprofits. The more visibility a nonprofit has, the more grant dollars it will attract and the more community support it will win. As a Slightly Famous nonprofit you develop a brand and reputation that your target market can trust.

To Receive Your Free Get Slightly Famous Marketing Strategy Toolbox, just fill out the form below.


What's In The Marketing Strategy Toolbox:

Steven Van Yoder publishes a fascinating free newsletter offering cutting edge insight into the world of niche marketing. The newsletter offers tips, tricks, advice and case studies to those wishing to become "Slightly Famous".

Personal Fame Assessment. It will help you assess and understand your current market position, identify your growth possibilities, and assess your strengths and weakness to help you know where to focus your efforts.

Get Slightly Famous Marketing Guide. A comprehensive resource that distills the Get Slightly Famous marketing model and provides a blueprint to applying the Get Slightly Famous marketing strategy to your business.

WebZine - Our new online magazine helps professionals, growing companies, nonprofits, and corporate marketers become thought leaders and indispensable resources to your best prospects, clients and customers. Filled with proven strategies, case studies and advice from leading marketing gurus.

Get Slightly Famous: Chapter 1. You'll get the first chapter of my acclaimed book, Get Slightly Famous, which provides a complete overview of the Get Slightly Famous marketing strategy, including detailed case studies and tips from marketing experts.


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Here's to marketing in the 21st century!

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