Marketing Services: Apply the "Get Slightly Famous" Strategy to your Business

Steven Van Yoder and Get The Word Out Communications offers a range of personalised services and programs to help you apply the "Get Slightly Famous" marketing strategy to your business.

Online Article Placement Service

Search engines are now the first place prospects go to learn about your business. Prospects now “Google” around to find someone with your skills. If prospective clients can’t find your business, you don’t exist. If they find your competitors, that means lost business for you!

Full Service Programs

Full- Service Programs are ideal for businesses that want to enjoy the benefits of the Get Slightly Famous marketing system but don't have the time or resources to implement a comprehensive program on their own. We work with select professionals, small businesses, and organizations on a full service agency basis.

CEO Branding Program

Credible CEOs are a company’s most persuasive means of distinguishing itself from its rivals. Our CEO Branding Program helps companies promote the industry leadership and insights of their top management.

Personal Fame Programs

Personal Fame Programs are for people who are serious about becoming recognized experts in their industries. These programs take an intense, customized approach to applying the Get Slightly Famous system to your business. You'll work directly, one-on-one with Steven Van Yoder to implement specific strategies for your marketing plan.

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